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Football Competition

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March the 6th 2004 saw a team of 8 cubs enter into the district football competition. Having sucesfuly won through the group stage met the 1st\\\'s cubs team in the semi final which they won. Going on to play the 2nd's cubs team in the final which the 22nd also won.

Having one the fianl, the 22nd gained entry to county football competition which was played two weeks later on the 21st of March. The compition took place at southampton university football ground. The day started at 9:30 where 22 teams from the all over Hampshire competed. These teams where split into leagues. The league the 22nd where in played only three games compared to the four game played by other leagues. Winning the first game they entered the 2nd with too much confidence because they lost 3-2. Knowing that the compitition was tougher than the previous the team was more careful and won the third game. These resutls put the team 2nd in the table entering the team into the knock-out competition for the county sheild. The first match won and the team procceded to the quatre fianls they played a cub pack from Peters Field, although the competition seemed to be getting harder the earned a place in the semi final. They where drawn against Fareham which was the hardest match so far. The went won 3-1, putting them into the final.

For the third time in five years have reached the county shield final. This was the acheivment they went home with this year as they lost the match 6-3.