SCOUTS - Be Prepared

Cub Summer Camp 2003

Dates: 26/07/2003 - 02/08/2003
Venue: Ferny Croft

For the second year running, the 22nd held it's summer camp with the 2nd at Ferny crofts in the New Forest. It was a great week and everyone enjoyed themselves. The only down side was the weather, although there were a few sunny days.

Yes, you guessed it, regardless of our prayers we had a very wet week. Although it wasn't all bad, as the adults seemed to be the only people who noticed. As the Cubs were having far too much fun to care about anything, apart from who was going to be the camp chanpion.

However, we did have 3 really nice days. After pitching tents in light rain on the saturday, the weater just about held up on the Sunday when the beavers came out, although there where a few showers. The rest of the week was quite showery up until Wednesday when it was very hot, and on Thursday regardless of weather reports it was a very sunny day. Consiquently everyone enjoyed the day trip to Morse Valley Country Park. Luckily Saturday was a perfect day for drying out tents, and we where off site by the required time of midday.

Over the course of the week the cubs took part in a number of activities provided by the camp site. Including: Climbing, high ropes, orienteering and a nature trail. Also the cubs went swimming at applemore leisure centre which is only 10 minutes drive away.

The 22nd provided a number of interesting and fun activities for both the cubs and the beavers (who visited on the sunday). Including: Plaster casts, bisciut deceration, backwards cooking, archery and team games.

During the week, the cubs where awarded point, for the best cub, and the best team, of which there where 5. At the end, two cubs where awarded camp champian, one from the 22nd and one from the 2nd.

It compulsary for all groups camping anyware to have a site inspection, for which this camp was awarded very good on all but one area, where good was given. On the catering side of things, when the inspector asked cubs if they liked the menu they all yelled out 'YES' with great enthusiasum. Could you blame them, take a look at it yourself.

Overall, it was a highly sucesful camp, and next year we hope to hold another in unison with the 2nd.