SCOUTS - Be Prepared

About The 22nd

The 22nd Scout HQ is situated in the White House Gardens of Millbrook Road West.

We are identified from other Scout groups within the world wide family of scouting by the wearing of badges indicating membership of scouting within:

Southampton City

Additionally, the Scout group is identified by the staff all uniformed members wear a scarf with emerald green and lemon yellow halves.

As parents or Guardian of a child in the 22nd Southampton City Scout group you automatically become a member of the Group Scout Council. This council meets annually at the annual general meeting and is composed of the parents of all section members, all leaders from the sections, the group Scout leader and the group executive committee. The council is primarily an electoral body to approve and elects the group executive committee.

The group executive committee, meets regularly to oversee the business affairs of the Scout group, it provides administrative support, fund-raising and maintenance of the group property. As is very important function as it releases uniform leaders to concentrate on their prime role - to provide the programme that fills the aims of scouting.


Beaver Scouts
(6-8 years)
Cub Pack(8-10 3/4 years)Tuesday
Scout Troop(10 3/4-14 years)Thursday
Exploere Scouts(14-18 years)Wednesday


Members of the group pay subscription, currently Beaver's £1.50 each week, Cubs £1.75 each week, and Scouts £2 each week. This is played on a terminally or half termley basis. This subscription is divided to meet the following functions:

  • Scout association membership, which is paid to Southampton West district, to cover the administration cost and facilities for all members of the movement.
  •  The group contribution which goes to update and running expenses of our headquarters buildings and equipment such as tents and group activity equipment.
  • The section contribution, this is designed to cover the cost of weekly activities, consumables and section equipment.
  • To supplement the membership fee of the group will periodically run various fundraising activities. These additional funds will be used to purchase capital equipment such as tense and camping gear, which are very expensive and cannot be realised through the membership fees alone. Additionally these moneys will be used to supplement group and section activities so as to reduce the cost for the parents/guardians of group members.

The normal communication channel between the group or section to yourselves for the letters sent home with your child. Lee's read the use, they will inform you upcoming events that your child may wish to attend. These letters always have a purpose so please have the courtesy to respond promptly. It is very frustrating, time-consuming and expensive for leaders to be constantly chasing replies.

On communication, the group have a very friendly set of leaders, get to know them, say hello after section meetings – all our approachable - please remember no they have families of their own to get back to.